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As one of the legal capitals of the country, Washington DC is the heartbeat of the legal world. This is why the area is so unique and is home to some of the best legal minds in the country. From independent practising lawyers to those in government, Washington DC firms that are looking for legal executives have the crème of the crop to pick from. For us here at Reaction Search International, our Washington DC Legal Executive Search Firm, the number of legal executives in the area is part of the reason that we are the leader in Legal Executive Search. With our years of experience in the executive search side of the business and our vast network of executives that we have grown over the years, Reaction Search International is your premier choice for all things executive search in Washington DC!

Legal executives need to provide their company with a few distinct abilities. They need to be able to work within the law and legal offices. They need to be able to work with private and public stakeholders and be comfortable in working with legal clients. Finally, they need to have the experience and the ability to work well within the office, the boardroom and the courtroom. Here at Reaction Search International, we have strived to connect these strong and capable executives to work with your company. No matter if you are looking fill a lower level partner position, or your firm requires a strong voice at the partner’s table, the recruiting team at our Washington DC Legal Executive Search Firm has you covered. Here are a few of the jobs that we have filled in Washington DC, over the past several months.

  • Senior Partner
  • Junior Partner
  • Senior Vice President of Legal
  • Vice President of Legal
  • Lawyer
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Head of the Board
  • Board Member
  • Firm Associates
  • In-House Associate Counsel
  • Public Defenders
  • Legal Aid Lawyers
  • Assistant US Attorneys
  • Nonprofit Attorneys
  • Paralegals


Finding your next Legal Executive

Our company specializes in recruiting and providing your company with the strong and personal connections that will lead to the successful placement of your next legal executive. We have spent time and effort to grow our network, and with our direct recruiting method, Reaction Search International can deliver quality candidates quickly. We place and vet our candidates based on your job description and company culture and pride ourselves with our ability to find the right fit every time. Plus, our team of recruiting experts can sit down with your hiring team to go over details and provide you insights into our process and best practices. From the first contact, to when our candidate takes their first board meeting, the team at Reaction Search International will be with you every step of the way.

Contact the leaders in legal executive search at Reaction Search International

Call us or reach out today and see why so many have trusted the experts at Reaction Search International for all of their legal executive search needs. From Foggy Bottom to the Hill, our experts are always finding the next hot executive that can take your firm to the next level. Interested? Let’s chat over a coffee in our Washington office and see how Reaction Search International can help you with your executive search.

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