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As one of the major media markets in the United States, Washington, DC is home to numerous pro, semi-pro and college sports teams. Plus, with multiple stadiums, and concert venues, the District is uniquely set up for the entertainment industry as well. So, what does this mean? Well for companies that are looking for their next entertainment and sports executive, their next executive is just around the corner. RSI’s Washington DC Entertainment & Sports Executive Search Firm can assist your company in finding their next essential candidate.

At RSI Washington DC Entertainment and Sports Executive Search Firm, we have excelled at providing our clients with the type of executive search functions that you should come to expect here in Washington, DC. We provide all of our clients with a personalised approach to executive search, especially in the entertainment and sports executive niche. From senior hockey ops with the Caps to a mid-level account executive controlling concerts, we have found the very best in Washington, DC for any executive position.

Our Unique Recruiting Process

The team at RSI has been your go-to option for all things recruiting for years and can find your ideal candidate with ease. However, we are not like the other recruiting companies in the area, and that is a good thing. Here are some of the ways that we differ from the other guys here in Washington, DC:

  • Access to one of the largest networks of entertainment and sports executives in the District. With our direct-recruiting approach, we can find potential candidates from across the area with ease.
  • A 100% guarantee that RSI will be able to fill the position. We always find the best candidate, but if for some reason, our first placement does not work, the team at RSI will fill the position with ease.

We take the risk out of hiring

When you think about how you found your last candidate, can you say you used a bias-free algorithm that was built for your specific job? Well, when you use RSI to find your next entertainment and sports executive, you get that and more! No matter if you are looking for an account executive or your next President, RSI can deliver with our personalised touch and our 25 step process.

If you are looking to fill an entertainment and sports executive position, then it is about time that you chatted with the team at RSI. With our expertise, access to our 25 step process and our 100% guarantee, the team at RSI is your local choice for executive search in Washington, DC. Call or contact us here and see how RSI can deliver a top-notch candidate for your next entertainment and sports executive!



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