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Managing your Job Search: The Importance of Your Cover Letter
Oct 22nd, 2014
Managing your Job Search: The Importance of Your Cover Letter By Robert Boroff While most people spend many hours of their lives working hard on creating the perfect resume and becoming the most marketable for their job search, there is another document that is just as, if not more, important…
Time Management and Goal Setting
Oct 21st, 2014
Time Management and Goal Setting By Robert Boroff Many times it seems like there just aren’t enough hours in the day. No matter how productive we are and no matter how much free time we wish we had, the clock is always ticking. Think back to what you were doing…
Would You Move For The Right Job?
Oct 20th, 2014
Would You Move For The Right Job?  By Robert Boroff It’s a story we all know well, somebody you know reaches the position they’ve been striving for throughout their entire career and suddenly your once humble colleague becomes an arrogant manager. Often people in this predicament become increasingly isolated; only…
You Can’t Manage Others Until You Can Manage Yourself
Oct 17th, 2014
You Can’t Manage Others Until You Can Manage Yourself By Robert Boroff Before you try to improve the way you manage others you need to look inward to see how well you manage yourself. If you can’t manage to complete your own tasks on time you’re not going to be…
How to Love Your Job
Oct 16th, 2014
How to Love Your Job By Robert Boroff With the job market tight in today’s struggling economy, employees considering looking for new opportunities may begin to feel trapped in their current position; thus employees may begin to feel dissatisfaction with their employment. The individual’s point of view towards the matter…
Teach Ethics From the Top Down
Oct 15th, 2014
Teach Ethics from The Top Down By Robert Boroff Unethical corporate behavior is linked to pressure from upper management to meet unrealistic business objectives and deadlines, according to an American Management Association and Human Resource Institute survey. Working in an environment with cynicism or diminished morale, improper training and a…
Managing the Meeting
Oct 14th, 2014
Managing The Meeting By Robert Boroff How much time do you spend (waste) in unproductive meetings each week? Put a stop to the black hole of meetings by establishing a clear set of guidelines for yourself, other managers, and employees about how a productive meeting should be run.   Phil…
When the Going Gets Tough… Be patient
Oct 13th, 2014
When the Going Gets Tough... Be Patient By Robert Boroff Being unemployed can be an incredibly disheartening experience. The average job search takes a lot longer than it used to. Many Americans have thrown in the towel after searching for a few months with no avail. There are ways to…
Networking Strategies For “Reserved” Executives
Oct 10th, 2014
Networking Strategies For "Reserved" Executives By Robert Boroff Not every executive is comfortable talking to large crowds or the board of directors, and not all are energized by contact with others. Judy Rosemarin, an executive development coach and president of Sense-Able Strategies Inc., offers tips for turning the introvert inside-out:…
Employee Turnover
Oct 8th, 2014
Employee Turnover By Robert Boroff Executives can directly control turnover in their departments by evaluating their own leadership ability, according to a communications expert. According to Florida State University study, many employees city their company managers and executives as the main reason for leaving a job, particularly if they are…

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