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Non-Existent Careers Just 10 Years Ago

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With the advancement of technology comes the opportunity for new jobs in industries that may have not even existed five or even ten years ago. As the world is changing and more innovations are evolving, there are professions on the horizon as well as on the decline. Less technology-driven careers like textile workers and machine-tool operators, for example, are disappearing because of the increasing use of robots and self-operating machinery. The increase in computer and Internet use has opened up many jobs for people to work both in the office and at home.

Ready to start a new career? Consider a job as a Social Media Manager or as a Telework Coordinator. Positions like these were virtually non-existent just ten years ago. For instance, a Social Media Manager, also known as a Community Manager, is essentially the backbone for companies that want to affect real change and connect with people and various communities. There is no universal job description for a Social Media Manager because the tasks will vary from day to day and from company to company. Many Community Managers are involved with customer service, marketing/sales, legal, human resources, product development, or a mix of all the above. According to, “the average salaries for positions like these run from $38,000-$83,00,” generally depending on the number of clients obtained. For many people, positions in this industry are ideal because many people can choose to work from home.

Another job that is appearing more on the boards is a Search Engine Optimization Specialist position. People working in these technology-driven industries help companies improve their search engine optimization results, which especially help out the smaller businesses. These positions generally focus on proven strategies to increase a company’s organic search results. The idea is to bring companies more traffic and therefore (hopefully) larger revenues. Although there are a plethora of jobs within the technology space, there are also more available in other fields, like education.

An Educational Consultant is a career field on the rise and is, in a sense, replacing the tutoring field. Educational Consultants positions can range in duties and areas of expertise, but all work with students and their families to “get students into the educational environments best-suited to their learning needs, ” according to Educational Consultants are not limited to the ages of students they work with. Some in this occupation specialize in helping students get into certain private high schools and others focus on preparing students so that they get into a top-ranked college or university.

These are only a handful of the up-and-coming careers. With the technology-savvy Generation Y entering the workforce, jobs like these will not be too difficult to fill because most of this generation has the qualifications needed to successfully enter these positions as well as succeed.

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