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Personality Key to Career Success
Jul 10th, 2015
Personality Key to Career Success By Robert Boroff Leadership and performance are tied to personality, states a psychologist is his newly published book. “Leadership and managerial performance are a direct function of a person’s personality, and, in turn, they directly influence the effectiveness of organizations,” said Robert Hogan, a former…
How to Make Effective Decisions
Jun 1st, 2015
How to Make Effective Decisions By Robert Boroff As the hiring manager of your company, have you ever been on the edge about whether or not to hire a potential new employee? How do you make the right decision? When making crucial decisions it is important to look at the…
Who’s The Better Candidate for your Company?
Mar 11th, 2015
Who's The Better Candidate For Your Company? By Robert Boroff If you're like most companies, when it comes to the interview and hiring process, it can be an exhausting experience that you would just as soon not repeat. Whether you use a search firm like Reaction Search International, or are…
Creating a Learning Environment in the Office
Feb 23rd, 2015
Creating a Learning Environment in the Office By Robert Boroff Although the working day may already be packed with conference calls, emails, meetings, overtime, training, and much more, many employees may feel there is no time left in the day to participate in learning activities. Employees who are growing their…
Essential Personal Skills
Feb 18th, 2015
Essential Personal Skills By Robert Boroff Employers are looking for 15 essential personal skills when evaluating candidates, according to the non-profit research organization ACT. 1. Carefulness: Do you have a tendency to think and plan carefully before acting? This helps with reducing the chance for costly errors, as well as keeping…
The Difference between Leadership and Management
Feb 5th, 2015
Leadership & Management By Robert Boroff In most companies people assume that management equals leadership, but some companies have a management role separated from a leadership role. Although the difference may seem minimal, further investigation shows great contrast. According to the article “The difference between Leadership and Management,” “Leadership is…
The Importance of the Elevator Pitch
Feb 3rd, 2015
The Importance of the Elevator Pitch  By Robert Boroff For entrepreneurs and sales professionals of all industries, especially those who own or work for start-up companies, the elevator pitch is such a critical concept to master for success in the business world. The elevator pitch can sell a product, and…
Questions not to ask when Conducting an Interview
Feb 2nd, 2015
Question not to ask when Conducting an Interview By Robert Boroff When interviewing a candidate, the interviewer should refrain from asking the candidate questions that are illegal under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967. This act established the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which enforces the laws pertaining to…
Talent Management
Jan 28th, 2015
Talent Management By Robert Boroff In Claudia Lacy Kelly’s article “What Directors Should Ask about Talent Management,” she discusses the impact of the retiring baby boomer generation to the corporate world. Due to the recent drop of investments in retirement accounts, the baby boomer generation may remain in the work…
Helpful Tips for the First Time Manager
Nov 6th, 2014
Helpful Tips for the First Time Manager By Robert Boroff Now that you’ve landing the management position you’ve been working toward you need to reassess the landscape of your new role, and what it means to existing relationships with your colleagues, says Barrie Gross, Esq., of Setting new boundaries…

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