At least 1 in 4 executives are floundering in their Management positions, according to a recent national survey.

According to Gallup Poll, 25 percent of U.S. employees would fire their bosses if given the opportunity.

To help executives navigate the management minefield, offers the following tips:

  • Communicate the big picture. Open communication helps foster loyalty and gives employees a sense of pride. Set up a recurring meeting to inform employees about new business developments and answer any questions.
  • Delegate work and responsibilities. Assign projects according to employees’ strengths and weaknesses.
  • Help employees set goals. Setting deadlines and goals helps keep employees focused, busy and motivates them to do their work.
  • Recognize problems. Be proactive and resolve situations between coworkers before they escalate.
  • Reward employees. Everybody appreciates raises and bonuses, but monetary rewards aren’t the only way to thank employees for a job well done. In fact the easiest way to recognize a worker’s contribution — by simply saying “thank you.”
  • Be a mentor, sharing knowledge and experience with employees.
  • Give reviews. Employees need feedback about their performance to improve their skills and grow professionally.
  • Have a heart. Family emergencies, illnesses and other unplanned events always arise, so get used to it. Show employees some compassion by being flexible with work hours and time off.
  • Take the time to be a manager. During busy times when work’s piling up, don’t forget to be a manager. Give employees your undivided attention when they want to talk.