Inspiration is the wellspring of innovation, both in the corporate world and in life. But, how do you become inspired?

Mike Hugos, author of “Essentials of Supply Chain Management”, recommends that executives look for inspiration in the same manner in which an artist does:

Immerse yourself in the subject matter

– develop a good understanding of how each business activity fits into the overall business, and what the cost and profit factors are


– with those with complementary skills

Play with different ideas

– don’t dismiss ideas because they defy preconceived notions

Look for simple patterns

– look for designs where all the elements fit together in a simple, logical, and complementary fashion

“Inspiration occurs when a certain combination of ideas suddenly reveals a simple underlying pattern that ties the work together and expresses what the artistic work is about,” said Hugos in October 2006 edition of CIO magazine.

“Remember that innovation is an art more than a science. As you become an innovator, you become an artist.”