Recruiters have existed for a very long time. They serve the important function of pairing qualified people with top organizations. Whether you are a client looking to fill a position in your own company or a candidate on a job search for yourself, deciding whether or not you want to work with a recruiter is an important decision. Here at Reaction Search International, our goals surround success for both our clients and for our candidates.

More and more, companies are requiring applicants to submit their resumes online. Often times you receive little or no feedback and are left feeling discouraged. Your career is too valuable and you have worked too hard to have your resume floating in cyberspace along with the other thousands of resumes. When overwhelmed with resumes, decision-makers are forced to screen and skim the surface of each resume. These individuals are required to decide quickly if the candidate is a fit based on limiting criteria such as past job titles, years of experience or career movement.

Employers may limit one’s chances to interview if they do not see the ideal terminology on their resume. A common example that highlights this issue is when a candidate was eliminated by a potential employer because they were concentrating on the title the candidate had provided. The candidate had held a more senior level title than the position they were looking to fill and was quickly disregarded by the employer because their initial thought was that they were too senior. Unfortunately this is not a rare occasion but can also occur due to information on your resume such as your geographic location, current industry, or a variety of different situations. Recruiters give candidates and clients the advantage of being able to go beyond the words of a resume and personally communicate a candidate’s fit and background as well as the client’s requirements and desires. Recruiters are essentially working for both sides of the deal, creating an open line of communication that would be difficult to attain if not for the recruiter.

While we are aware that recruiting is not rocket science, what it does require is hard work and the dedication of time and energy. It is more than just matching terms from a resume to a job description but instead it is the ability of accurately understanding the full requirements of the job. This includes the required skill set, challenges, and perks of the position as well as the interpersonal relationships, culture and personalities of the organization.

At Reaction Search International, our team is made up of talented recruiters who set out to create an integrated and exclusive relationship with not only our clients, but also our candidates. As a candidate, you can be assured that our recruiters are able to assess true opportunities in order to not waste your valuable time. We strive to develop a true partnership with our candidates in supporting their career search and aim to assist them in their presentation to prospective employers. While the first step in our process is registering and submitting your resume by way of our website (, after doing so you will then have the opportunity to create a personal relationship with one of our recruiters.

As a client, you can be certain that our recruiters share your aspiration to obtain and retain the very best candidates for your organization. We guarantee a lasting fit for your open position and stand by the candidates that we deliver. Selecting a recruiter is an important decision and there is nothing more important to us than proving that you made the best choice by hiring Reaction Search International to help you. Our work does not end when we move to the interviewing or even the decision making process, but we guarantee the successful placement of our candidates for at least 90 days with your organization. We want to build a partnership that will grow over time and will not stop working for you until we help create a permanent placement. It is the personal client relationships that we build that are the key to our success.

So when faced with the choice of hiring a recruiter to help you in either your job search or your vacant job position, take the safe way with Reaction Search International and be assured that you are in the best hands. RSI does not stand behind our name but instead we stand behind the success that has built our name. Begin your partnership with us today.