Practice: Marketing


Our Client

– One of a family of companies who are devoted to building, selling, managing and supporting high-quality real estate communities in multiple locations — had a need for a Marketing Recruitment effort for a qualified and successful PR/ Marketing Manager with excellent time management and the ability to multitask. This person needed to have a proven ability to manage a team of 4, have experience working with multiple departments and have 6-10 years of progressive marketing experience.


This project was an attractive opportunity but located in a remote location. Anytime relocation is part of the hiring process it adds additional challenges. Prior to having Reaction Search International take over the search, our client had exhausted their efforts with local ads for the opening. Their request was that Reaction Search International locate, source, attract, and present qualified candidates in a timely manor that would allow them to hire and get settled before their next big marketing campaign for a new community that was going to be opening in 12 weeks. This meant that we had to have the candidate started in about 8 weeks.


With an in-depth analysis of our client’s needs, and a lengthy discussion regarding the client’s culture, and vision for this person’s contributions, our Executive Recruiting Team worked to ascertain the critical competencies of the position and personality traits of hiring managers and partners to build an accurate and detailed profile of the ideal candidate.

RSI utilized its unique search process to locate, contact, assess and submit some of the finest talent in the local marketplace and abroad. This process generated ample candidates with the select criteria who were able to relocate to the remote location.


Reaction Search International successfully found several candidates that our client was interested in hiring. The individual who ended up receiving an offer and was hired ended up only being 35 miles away (so there was no relocation) and had the experience, knowledge and relationships with some of the exact people they were going to be working with for our client. This Marketing professional was not only considered a “local candidate” (saving our client relocation cost) but already had the core values and competencies to be a long-term asset to our client’s culture and continued growth in the marketplaces they serve. This mutually-beneficial relationship helped facilitate the growing collaboration, trust, and understanding between RSI and our client. This result has been, and will remain the cornerstone of our successful partnership.

– RSI Search & Recruitment Specialist