With a new year comes a renewed commitment to career advancement. Start by reevaluating your goals, analyze your current situation and formulate a new plan to meet your resolutions.

According to Keith Rosen, author of “Time Management for Sales Professionals,” in a recent article for AllBusiness.com, there are 10 tips to making your resolutions work for you:

1. Quit Tolerating.

Clear out obstacles to your goals, create room for improvements and then create a lists of things that you tolerate and that limit productivity, cause stress and waste time and energy. Make a plan to eliminate these problem areas.

2. Play Your Game.

The best game to play is one where you make up your own rules. If you encounter resistance in reaching some goals, chances are it’s either something you really don’t want to be doing or a part of someone else’s agenda. Take the time to discover what you want by aligning your goals with the priorities in your life.

3. Create a Winning Routine.

Design a weekly routine that complements your goals, and focus on those activities that support your objectives and enhance your lifestyle. Develop a highly effective routine, get organized, eliminate distractions, reduce stress and manage your tasks in order to reach and exceed your goals.

4. Have Fun.

Find time everyday for yourself and do something you enjoy.

5. Deepen Your Learning.

To accelerate success, take a lesson from every experience and person, and write it down in order to grow and progress onto a new and improved path.

6. Expand Your Vision.

Clarify what success looks like in every area of your life – career, relationships, health, environment, etc.

7. Transcend Your Beliefs.

Old, limiting beliefs often keep us prisoner and prevent us from creating greater successes. Your outlook determines your outcome. Consider challenging these assumptions and replacing them with healthier ones. Upgrade and direct your beliefs, and do not allow them to control you.

8. Do Complete Work.

You don’t have to achieve every resolution at once. Instead of stopping and starting a task, pick one thing you want to change, create or finish and commit to seeing it through.

9. Focus on the Present.

Keep focused on what is occurring now as opposed to what happened yesterday or what will occur in the future. Live for today while planning for tomorrow.

10. Be Fearless.

Since fear is the negative assumption of a potential (if unlikely) outcome, shift your focus towards the positive outcome or to what you want to manifest. Ignore that which you do not want.