Practice: Publishing


Our Client:

A Children’s Novelty book packager had a need for a sales manager to help lead their efforts in the international markets.


Our client and their business model are virtually unique in the industry. As a result, the ideal candidate for this position had to share the values and goals of our client to a higher degree than any other client we have worked with. Their request was that Reaction Search International locate, attract and hire an experienced sales manager from the consumer products division that was seeking an opportunity to work for a small company poised for tremendous growth in the next year.


With an in-depth analysis of our client’s needs, and a lengthy discussion regarding the client’s culture, and vision for this expansion, our Executive Recruiting Team worked to ascertain the critical competencies of the position and personality traits of hiring managers and partners to build an accurate and detailed profile of the ideal candidate.

RSI utilized its unique search process to locate, contact, assess and submit some of the finest talent in the local marketplace. This process generated ample candidates with the select criteria to help our client to hire, train and develop these top individuals to mesh seamlessly with their company culture.


The hiring, training and development of this manager with the core values and competencies to be a long-term asset to our client’s culture and continued growth in the marketplace, was a complete success. This mutually-beneficial relationship helped our client to realize an as yet untapped market opportunity. As a result, the sales force is now poised to double in size by year’s end.

Reaction Search International has been again chosen to help our client make the best hiring decisions for this exciting new direction they have taken in their business.

– RSI Search & Recruitment Specialist