Your team members spend a majority of their time at work. Improving mood in the workplace is an important strategy to increase employee satisfaction. A positive mood in the office can boost productivity and help team members feel more motivated to contribute the success of the organization.

Boosting Morale in the Workplace

Even simple changes in the office environment can improve your employees’ mood at work. Consider these tips:

  • Paint and decorate smart: An attractive office feels better to work in than a space full of cubicles and beige paint. Consider some patterns and bright colors as well as comfortable furniture. Ensure every workspace has plenty of light and good ventilation.
  • Create a pleasant atmosphere: Inspirational quotes, quiet sitting spaces, plants and other extras make the office somewhere that employees enjoy working in. At the very least, stock your break room with snacks and a water cooler.
  • Adopt a work hard, play hard mentality: Consider starting a Bring Your Dog to Work Day or Casual Fridays. You could even coordinate social activities to help everyone get to know each other. Talk to HR about programs that could help improve mood in the office.
  • Encourage movement: The sedentary nature of most jobs presents a health risk. Consider creating a work gym or workout area. If you offer snacks, make them healthy. Install walking desks or at least create enough space to move around. Healthy workers are happy workers.

Creating a Productive Workspace

A boost in employee morale has a direct correlation to improved productivity. Create a workspace where workers are motivated to meet goals and get work done. Here’s how:

  • Invest in team resources: Consider everything your team needs to do their job well, from on-site printers to project management software. Make sure all tools are accessible to the right personnel.
  • Install whiteboards: Big whiteboards or glass walls you can write on can help boost productivity. Have one board for brainstorming together and another for tracking project completion. Seeing ideas and all the elements that go into a project will help keep team members inspired and on track.
  • Encourage collaboration: Workers are most productive when they get to collaborate. Open work spaces allow for more interaction between team members and management so ideas can flow. It also makes it easier for team members to ask questions.
  • Offer stress management activities: Consider investing in meditation classes, mindfulness workshops and other stress management resources. Balance time management and productivity training with techniques for handling stress.

To improve mood and productivity at your organization, hire carefully. The right managers and leaders will encourage teams, lead by example and help create a supportive, positive environment.

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