Every wise business owner knows that asking for advice is a smart decision. Whether you’re in charge of a new venture or you possess decades of industry experience or you’re a global entrepreneur, you can always learn and grow from the opinions, experiences and perspective of others in the business world. Consulting firms are some of the best resources available to those striving for business success, and the guidance they can provide for strategic decisions is just one of the many reasons to hire a consultant — or better yet, a consultant firm.

What are consulting firms? A consulting firm is relatively self-explanatory — an organized group that offers consultation. A consulting firm is different than a consultant. An independent consultant may have expertise in a particular area and will either operate on their own or as the head of their own business. A consulting firm is a team of consultants who assist in a wide variety of business operations including management strategy, implementation or organizational restructuring.

What Types of Consulting Firms Are There?

Some firms perform management-based tasks which include mergers, acquisitions and improving operations. Other firms provide implementation services.

For example, a management-based firm might create a plan for a business to follow but the implementation firm will help the business carry it out. These types of consulting firms are known as purpose-based, and they are slightly different than area-based firms. Area-based consulting firms focus their efforts on solving specific problems. Whereas purpose-based firms may offer consultation that impacts every level of the business, area-based firms offer professional advice for specific functions such as human resources, marketing and advertising, IT and technology, finance and accounting, public relations and investing.

What does a consulting firm do to really help your business?

Consulting is more than just giving advice. Though it is wise to seek counsel from those you trust, many business decisions require professional support that only a consulting firm can provide. Consulting firms are created to help businesses solve problems and achieve results. Whether the company is stuck in a state of stagnation, needs assistance attaining their goals or simply wants to succeed with help from a fast, efficient system, consulting firms work hard to make these desires accessible and achievable.

There are many advantages to using external consultants to support and navigate your business decisions, especially because there are several types of management consulting firms and implementation firms that can help with all types of challenges.

1. Human Resource Consultants

The human resource (HR) department of any entity plays a vital role that impacts nearly every aspect of the business.


What do HR consulting firms do? Their duties are multifaceted, ranging from employee recruitment and disciplinary procedures to ensuring that the business is operating according to all legal, health and safety requirements. With so many functions affecting every employee across the company, some businesses seek out consulting firms that specialize in HR to keep their human resources department running smoothly.

An HR consultant is so much more than a recruiter, though recruiting the best people is certainly part of what they do. While a recruiter works with a company only to fill empty positions, an HR consultant is present through the entire hiring process and advises the HR department in all manner of personnel issues.

Human resource consultants may be generalists or specialists, with generalists possessing a wide knowledge base of needs while specialists have a specific area of expertise. Recruiting, training and developing employees is critical to company success. HR consultants help businesses find and retain the best talent and determine the best ways to develop current and future employees for success. These consultants also conduct on-site seminars and workshops for HR representatives.

HR consultants will also advise human resource departments in matters of health, safety and legal compliance. Wellness and security can be achieved through benefits and compensation or official regulations. Consultants help HR departments ensure that they are caring for their employees and personnel budgets wisely. They can also provide expertise in legal matters, such as confirming that these businesses are following all local and federal regulations, and revise company policy manuals for maximum safety and security.

2. Marketing and Advertising Consultants

Marketing is a diverse field that includes everything from online and social media campaigns to direct response and brand awareness strategies. Although marketing can play a critical role in business, some companies need a little help developing a successful marketing plan. These entities may choose to hire a consulting firm that specializes in marketing areas. Businesses may enlist a consulting firm to assist them with their marketing efforts or outsource them to the firm itself.

What does a marketing consultant do? Marketing and advertising consultants can perform a variety of tasks for your brand. Along with internet marketing like social media management, search engine optimization and copywriting, they can also successfully handle reputation management and brand awareness. How you choose to display your corporate identity to your customers is key. Marketing consultants can help you craft your brand and identity, focus it in view of your intended audience and creatively deliver your message to the world. These individuals can help you develop your company’s personality in presentation, speech and reputation.

Marketing consultants also understand that there is more to marketing than creating advertisements and producing content. These consultants are often knowledgeable in consumer or employee psychology, communications and business operations. They know how to speak to specific audiences in engaging ways that inspire viewers to act. This detailed understanding of how and why certain marketing strategies are effective enables you to create a tactful marketing initiative that resonates with your target audience and gets results.

3. IT and Technology Consultants

As technology advances, the world of business needs to evolve with it. Technology impacts an entity in a variety of ways — how it’s used in the corporation, how it helps deliver goods or services, and how the client interacts with the business through tech. Although many employees may understand how to use these devices and resources, many businesses require assistance in selecting and implementing the best tech solutions to solve their problems.

IT consultants are knowledgeable about former, current and burgeoning technology resources and how these systems impact your business. Some organizations may enlist the help of a technology consultant to overhaul their existing software or hardware while other companies may seek out assistance to get a better understanding of their data analytics or cybersecurity. IT consultants can also provide software management, enterprise architecture and systems integration.

Software consultants are a more specialized subset of IT consultants who can help businesses implement new software. When a business decides to adopt new software, they need to make sure executing these systems doesn’t jeopardize workflow. Software consultants usually have a background in software engineering or development which enables them to solve problems during and after the implementation.

4. Public Relations Consultants

Building relationships with your clients, customers or the general consumer is critical. However, there is another entity that can influence how these individuals perceive your business — the media. In good times or challenging times, many organizations will need to promote their message and speak to the future of their business operations. What is a public relations consultant? Public relations (PR) consultants specialize in creating, growing and managing the relationship between the media and the business.


Consumable media has reached an all-time high with the internet joining print and broadcast publications. PR consultants are on the pulse of these channels, understanding how, when and what type of message should be delivered to each source. They facilitate interviews between the media and the company and create press releases to generate attention for the latest company news. Most importantly, they know what type of information the media seeks out and understand how to leverage those wants to the benefit of the business.

PR consultants understand the media industry, but they also understand the unique needs of the business. They can help your business develop communication methods to successfully get your message to the consumer through the media. These individuals promote honesty and transparency in their messaging, keeping outside perspectives on the business positive even in negative situations.

5. Financial and Accounting Consultants

Proper accounting practices are a keystone of any business. Management and reporting day-to-day expenses, taxes and deductions, the depreciation of assets or capital, and payroll are among the many line items that accounting departments need to handle. Accounting consultants can help a business manage their finances by analyzing and auditing documents. They can also determine better ways of saving or spending money, as well as provide suggestions to improve the reporting process.

Business finances include much more than revenue streams and purchase reports. Any expense directly impacts a company’s financial resources. This includes the cost of hiring and training employees, managing benefits packages, allocating resources to grow the business and even whether hiring a consulting firm is fiscally responsible. Financial consultants understand that every cent is important, and they strive to manage the totality of the company’s financial resources responsibly to help them prepare for the future.

Financial consulting firms are excellent at managing day-to-day business decisions as well as directing long-term financial plans. Financial or accounting consultants may also advise on investment matters. However, many of the financial responsibilities concerning assets and investments are best left to investment consultants who specialize specifically in these areas.

6. Investments Consultants

Investment consultants are different than many other types of consultants. Although they do advise their clients on business dealings, these matters are focused specifically on the investments a company wants to make. In a fiduciary context, they may either provide only advice, or they may be permitted to exercise their discretion and control the company’s assets and investments. These consultants may provide oversight, draft investment policies, monitor asset performance and be involved in hiring new investment managers for the company.

Ultimately, an investment consultant provides guidance on how to manage a company’s current financial assets responsibly and helps create a plan for the future of their investments. There are four types of investment consultants. Registered representatives can be stockbrokers or bankers who get paid to sell investment products or other financial resources. Money managers help individuals appropriate their money by making strategic investment decisions for them. Financial planners manage their client’s money while financial advisors merely provide professional advice.

Managing finances responsibly is vital to the longevity of a business. It can be dangerous both to spend too recklessly and to manage financial resources too conservatively. Because some financial decisions involve potentially high risks, investment consultants are available to lend their expertise and knowledge to help the business make the best financial decisions in the short and long-term. They may manage their portfolio, assess and manage risks or create cost-saving initiatives.

Benefits of Using Consultant Firms


Hiring a consulting firm can yield remarkable benefits, but identifying which consulting firm is right for you can be challenging. Should you hire an internal consultant or an external consultant?

Internal consultants work within your organization either as an employee on your payroll or as their only client, so you retain their knowledge and attention exclusively. However, many businesses find external consultants just as valuable to help them achieve their goals. Whichever you choose, a consultant is likely to provide the same general advantages.

1. Extensive Knowledge and Experience

There’s a reason even the largest companies in the world look outside of their organization for advice and support. Dynamic consulting firms have a unique depth of knowledge and experience that none of your current employees possess. Years of solving diverse problems in general and specific contexts enable them to approach new obstacles in innovative ways. Enlisting the help of a consultant gives you access to decades worth of industry knowledge, successful problem-solving strategies and an understanding of your current position.

2. Overall Cost Savings

Problems are expensive. Although solving them comes at a cost, ignoring them is much more costly in the long-term. When you hire a consulting team, you invest in solutions and prevent problems from occurring again. Every business will face challenges and obstacles, but successful businesses will overcome current problems and only deal with new issues moving forward.

3. Enduring Resources

Once a consulting firm has successfully assisted your business, you have a trusted resource that already understands your unique company goals. Their future availability will come in handy as your business rises to overcome new struggles. If you decide to part ways with a consulting firm after their successful intervention, you will move forward with valuable knowledge from the experience. You will be better equipped to face new challenges and solve them responsibly.

There are many other potential advantages to hiring a consulting firm. Being able to discuss problems or concerns openly with a third-party confidant is an invaluable resource. Another benefit exists during the problem-solving process itself. Unforeseen issues may present themselves at any time. A consulting firm bolsters your support and helps you manage this process even if more problems are discovered on the road to the solution.

What to Consider Before Contracting With a Consulting Firm

Hiring a consulting firm may be the best decision for your immediate and long-term goals. However, you should never rush into such an important contract without first understanding which type of consulting firm appropriately suits your needs. Once you’ve determined that type of firm, you need to perform due diligence to ensure you select the agency that can align you with your business goals. Three important elements of a consulting firm to consider are their reputation, qualifications and the financial implications of working with them.

1. Reputation

Some say that reputation is everything. In the world of consulting, the reputation of the firm should be your first consideration. Whether or not your company reaches its goal with the aid of consultation, there’s a significant chance that your public reputation will be impacted. You want your reputation to speak to your hard work and dedication — your consultant’s reputation should do the same. If private or public reviews of the firm are suspicious or concerning, you should probably seek assistance elsewhere.

2. Qualifications

Just because a firm has a great reputation doesn’t mean that they necessarily have the qualifications you need. Your problem is specific and requires a precise solution. Although a firm specializing in successful marketing consultation may have minimal experience in public relations, they may not be able to deliver the results you seek. The largest or “best” firm may not be right for your business. Instead, an alternative firm composed of highly qualified individuals that can meet your exact needs is a wiser option.

3. Financial Implications

How much time, effort and money will hiring a consulting firm ultimately cost you? Will these expenses lead to larger revenue streams, cost-cutting initiatives or other financially sound outcomes when their assistance ends? Hiring a consulting firm is an investment that needs to pay dividends. Some firm services may be too costly for your business to responsibly absorb. Others may be “affordable” yet not offer the thorough or comprehensive service you need. You should consider all present and potential future financial implications when hiring a consultant.

If the firm you’re considering has a solid reputation for success, qualified professionals ready to help and can assist you in reaching your goals while staying within your budget, they may be the ideal choice for you. If not, you may be looking for help from sources that cannot provide the results you need. Hiring a consulting firm will only yield benefits if you strategically choose a team that understands your problems and can deliver targeted solutions that keep your business moving forward.


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