Most of us were not drama majors in college. Most of us do not expect to become the next Daniel Day Lewis. That doesn’t mean we don’t have lofty goals of our own. Most of us are just grounded in reality. Those who pursue acting seriously will learn many skills transferable to the business world. In many cases, actors will discover that these skills allow them to quickly move up the ranks at their respective companies. These are some of the valuable business skills that many drama majors acquire before their business major counterparts.


An actor’s main objective is to sell his or character to the audience. The best actors are those who are the most believable. This skill transfers to all jobs, not just those in sales. Pretty much every job requires these skills in some form or another. An important aspect of this skill is the ability to BS. Not everyone likes to admit it but let’s face it, BSing is a valuable skill (especially a business environment). Quick-talk and improvisation artists are some of the best BSers out there. More importantly, they are quick thinkers. The ability to make quick, significant decisions is essential for any manager or executive role.


Another important skill actors learn is the ability to communicate. This is one of the most important skills you must have to succeed in the business world. People who are outgoing, personable, and intelligent-sounding get along great with clients and other coworkers. Also, these people tend to make a better impression with the boss. Actors are usually well versed in this respect. Nothing will help someone overcome his or her apprehensions like reciting a monologue on stage in front of several thousand audience members.


Most actors are self-confident. They have to be self-confident to do some of the things they do. Part of the training they receive includes posture, voice control, and self-assuredness. All of these traits are common with people who succeed in a business environment. Most importantly, acting promotes self-worth. Confident people who value themselves highly may be arrogant, or have an enflamed ego. But, in the business world success is often measured by results. Confident people who value themselves highly tend to get results. And, not all actors are egotists, just the ones in Hollywood.