Many people find that there is not enough time in the day to get everything accomplished. How is it possible that there are some people out there who can handle a full time job, family, friends, and exercise? It all really comes down to time management and motivation. For the most part, people will come up with thousands of different excuses as to why there is not enough time in the day to begin with, let alone exercise. Of course, almost everyone agrees that a few extra hours in the day would really help, but since this is not the case then people need to find ways to adjust and make time for their personal fitness.

When most people get off of work they are exhausted. Exercising can help ease this feeling while making people both look and feel better than ever. Physical activity also brings about better nights of sleep, which will bring more alertness to the workplace and therefore brings about more productivity. Exercise boosts brainpower, which is even more important for success in the workplace. A study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences reported “A year of modest aerobic exercise reversed normal brain shrinkage by one to two years in older adults and improved their memory function.”

Finding the Time to Prolong your Life

Moderate exercise is extremely easy task to make time for. Taking a walk during your lunch break is an example of this and can end up saving you and your brain in the long run. Aerobic exercise is also very important in keeping a healthy brain, while sticking to a low-cost budget. As The Wall Street Journal reported from a test on 120 Americans in their late 50s to early 80s, “ Half this group walked three times a week for 40 minutes, while the other half did yoga and toning exercises…Both groups showed significant improvements on spatial memory tests conducted before and after the study…In the walking group, however, changes in hippocampus volume were directly related to improved memory performance.”

To think that moderate exercise can prevent brain and memory problems is an extremely fascinating discovery. The ability to have some control over your health is very important and needs to be taken advantage of by more people. During a lunch break is a perfect time to, at the very least, walk around. Bring a pair of comfortable walking shoes. Many companies have their own exercise groups, which is even more motivating and holds people accountable for their daily participation. Some companies, both large and small, offer gym passes to their employees after the completion of their probationary period. Taking advantage of this benefit is easy and eliminates the “lack of finances” excuse completely.

Going to the gym either before work or after is also an avenue many people take. People are different and how they achieve their daily exercise goals varies. The important part is to get the exercise your body deserves. Exercise brings energy, which generally transfers to happiness and success both inside and outside the workplace.