Outplacement services are a popular way of providing support to former employees as they transition from your company to a new job. These support services can differ according to the industry or role, but they often involve training materials, workshops, psychological support and practical guidance. Outplacement services are paid for by the former employer and are usually conducted through a consultant.

Outplacement sessions can delve into a range of helpful topics, such as job search skills, resume writing, networking skills, interview preparation and more. This can happen in either a one-on-one or a group setting and often occurs virtually for added convenience. There is usually a fixed term limit to consultancy services, which can range from 30 days to a year. Ongoing support, rather than a one-time consultation, is generally the most helpful and effective form of outplacement service.

When to Use Outplacement Services

At a glance, outplacement services may seem like an illogical choice for employers. They entail pouring company resources, time and personnel into advancing employees who no longer work for your company. You may wonder what kind of beneficial payoff this will have for your own business.

However, outplacement services have a positive impact on both former and current employees. As you offer structure and guidance to former workers who are moving towards the next step in their career paths, you are also enhancing the company morale of remaining employees. They will see the support given to others who leave the company and feel confident in your commitment to the success of every team member.

For this reason, outplacement services are growing in popularity as a strategy for responding to layoffs. These services allow companies to streamline assistance offered to employees who have been laid off, enabling them to find new job placements more quickly and easily. You may consider investing in outplacement services when you want to help ease the transition and leave laid-off employees with a more positive ending note.

Benefits of Using Outplacement Services

When it comes to laid-off employees, there are many benefits to offering outplacement services. They have been known to:

  • Help employees find work quicker: Being out of work is a mentally and financially draining position, particularly if your employee has dependents to provide for. On an employer’s end, paying unemployment and severance package benefits can also be costly. Helping them find a new job quickly will end your unemployment benefit responsibilities and prove cost-effective for both parties.
  • Boost company morale: Outplacement services don’t only affect the employee in question. Outplacement services cushion the hard blow of layoffs, showing current employees that you care for each team member and are willing to help them even after their employment ends. Team morale and loyalty are likely to increase as a result.
  • Enhance the organization’s image: While outplacement services are becoming more popular, they’re by no means a required or commonplace support system. Offering this service will help prevent negative public blowback, even during unfortunate layoffs. It reflects positively on your company’s image, showing your willingness to go above and beyond to assist employees. These services also reduce the risk of ex-employees speaking badly about your company and tarnishing its name.

Are You Looking to Fill Positions in Your Company?

If layoffs aren’t currently an issue for your company, that’s wonderful. You can store the information on outplacement services away for the future, as needed, bearing in mind when and why companies might choose to utilize this form of support.

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