Healthier employees give corporations a greater competitive advantages by maintaining a higher level of productivity and lower health-care costs, according to a new book.

Workplace wellness programs that will help workers stay healthy is a must in the wake of rising health-care costs, advises Tom Weede, author of “The Entrepreneur Diet: The On-the-Go Plan for Fitness, Weight Loss and Healthy Living.”

According to Weede, large corporations can realize a nearly $5 savings for every dollar spent on making workers healthier, while small businesses can realize a return by using creative strategies.

“In talking to small business owners for ‘The Entrepreneur Diet,’ I found that many were really creative in how they brought a healthy culture to their company,” Weede said.

  • Make exercise a work goal by offering incentives
  • Offer healthy snacks in the break room vending machines and in the lunchroom
  • Give a health-related benefit like a gym membership, day at the spa or other perk to those meeting health goals
  • Use newsletters and paycheck inserts to keep health and fitness goals in the minds of employees
  • Offer suggestions for easy fitness options, like nearby walking tracks


“Creating a healthy work environment can be done with a minimal budget,” Weede said. “And it not only makes for fitter, more productive employees, it also encourages wonderful workplace camaraderie.”