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Reaction Search International has been providing talented and professional pharmaceutical recruitment for all mediums of business. From Fortune 500 companies to small and medium sized businesses, we have the necessary resources and the skills to recruit all manner of professionals in this extensive industry. Our Louisville Pharmaceuticals Executive Search Firm works for you to find only the top tier Pharmaceutical candidates.

Operating for more than two decades in the US, our executive search professionals have the experience the diligence to locate candidates that have what it takes to productively carry out their responsibilities in your company.

Our Louisville Pharmaceuticals Executive Search Recruiters are Client focused

The competition in pharmaceutical markets is growing day by day, and with the help of technology and new research there are breakthroughs being made every year. And if you want your business to climb at the top, you need the skills and the brains to significantly propel your business, gaining an edge over your competition.

The foremost asset of any business is the employees that serve it. Decisive, academically brilliant and analytical individuals are the cornerstone for any business. And this is why we are here, at RSI, we can provide you with human resource solutions, which are tailor made for and the type of business you run.

Unlike a majority of other recruitment firms in the US, we first thoroughly analyze your recruitment needs, we evaluate your work-culture and based on our analysis and your specifications, we then begin our search for the best of the best.

High Industry Experience

At RSI, our teams of brilliant executive headhunters for the pharmaceutical industry have the real-world experience to judge, evaluate and screen potential candidates. We not only look for candidates that meet the academic needs of the job you posted, but we go beyond that. We look for innate talent in the individuals, we look for unique skills, whether or not the candidate has the decision making abilities and the skills necessary to work for your prestigious firm.

This is what has allowed us to become one of the largest human capital services in the US. And because of our reputation and networking capabilities we have connections to global candidate groups, which means we can help you get a candidate with a truly unique set of skills, unavailable in the country.

Our Specialty

Being at the top, RSI delivers topnotch pharmaceutical recruitment solutions in specialized areas of this industry. Mentioned below is the category of placements we can provide a quick and talented hire for:

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Managers for Product Development
  • Marketing Specialists
  • Brand Managers
  • Public Relations Manager and Executives
  • Board Members
  • Associates in Clinical Research
  • Research and Development Specialists
  • Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics

Having talented industry insiders working for us, we have the edge when it comes to acquiring professional talent, untapped by many recruiters. We are able to reach candidates that do not look for job using social media.

And because we are well aware of the pharmaceutical trends and the ins and outs of the market, we know what to ask and what to expect from our pickings.

Contact our Louisville Pharmaceuticals Executive Search Team to learn about our white glove service, 25 step process and extended guarantee.

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