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At Reactive Search International, we have a talented team of specialized recruiters and agents who have particular insight in the Industrial industry. Our Louisville Industrial Executive Search Firm is able to recruit professionals from a many of the top Industrial companies in Louisville.  All of our recruiters have real-world industry experience, and the edge of locating the right candidate on short notice.

At RSI, we go way beyond conventional means of just searching by experience or a particular set of skills, as important as they are, we have a far more diverse and efficient screening process for new talent acquisitions from the diverse sector.

We Focus on You

By implementing specialist proprietary resources, diligence and tools along with a professional and insightful team of executive recruiters we hone-in on perfect competencies and confidence to match clients with potential employees and vice-versa. We excel at matching the right candidate as per your organization’s culture and forward-thinking objectives.

We always look for candidates who have what it takes to commit to a long-term contract of optimum performance and never ending productivity.

Successfully Catering to your Louisville Industrial Executive Search

Having successfully catered our flexible and diverse services to a majority of topnotch businesses, we have what it takes to find you the best of the best. Our diligent and unique recruitment recruiters stay well-informed of the latest recruitment trends and methodologies. And with the information they gather, they are more easily able to great talent acquisitions with ultra-performance.

A Wider Network

Having been providing tailor made recruitment services for over 20 years; we have been able to gather the insight, the data and the networking capabilities unmatched by any other service. Operating nationwide from the US, we have skilled agents placed in international markets, which means we can get you any form of talent and skills you desire or lack in your workforce.

Our Specialty

Our nationwide and global networking capabilities fuel our efforts to find you a candidate(s) who is truly unique and fits the bill. In light of this, mentioned below is what our teams of talented and professional executive recruiters specialize in:

  • Board Directors
  • Board Supervisors
  • Managers
  • General Managers
  • Brand Managers
  • Product Managers
  • Supply Chain Managers
  • Retail Managers
  • Supervising Specialists
  • Department Managers
  • Head of Business Development
  • Research and Development Executives
  • CEO

We go above and beyond the traditional methodologies of recruitment unlike any other recruiter. We prioritize your specifications and requirements, and bring you the perfect candidate to hire. Regardless of your employee challenges, we at RSI have the resources to overcome any obstacle.

And apart from becoming your very own recruiter, you can always take your relationship with us a bit further and let us help you strategize your human resource department for more efficient hires and smooth operation.

Our commitment to our work is the very element that has made us one of the biggest names in recruitment services in the US.

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