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We provide excellence in human capital to all small, medium-sized and large businesses. We have been working in tandem with Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies brining them the best in consultation specialists and professionals. It’s been over two decades since we have been in business and have become one of the largest most efficient recruitment firms in the US. Our Louisville Consulting Executive Search Team can assist your company in finding top tier candidates.

Highly Trained Consulting Recruiters in Louisville

At RSI, we have a dedicated team of capable and professional recruiters who specialize in locating topnotch candidates in the consultation industry. And because we have real-world experience in this industry, our recruiters know exactly what to focus on when looking for qualified professionals. This also makes us perfectly suited for organizing and conducting consultation executive recruitment to boost your staffing infrastructures as per you own specifications and timeline.

Our Specialties

We provide our services to both private and public corporations and have successfully been able to recruit different candidates for a plethora of consultation placements. In light of this, mentioned below are some of the areas our team of highly skilled recruiters specializes in:

  • Consultation CEO
  • Vice Presidents and Presidents
  • COO
  • CIO
  • Senior Vice President
  • Manager Consultancy

Efficiency and flexibility in service has always been our hallmark, when our client needs talented individuals to grow their company, we provide them with unmatched and timely workforce acquisitions. And because of our industry knowledge and insight, our recruiters always screen candidates that fit the bill. We don’t make a tall list of possible candidates and ship them off to you. Unlike most major recruitment firms in the US, we focus solely on the aptitude and the excellence of the candidate.

We aim for a bunch of talented individuals instead of a group of possible hires. This allows us to save you time and money.

AT Reaction Search International, we closely monitor and follow all the changing trends in the consultation industry and are in the constant loop of the job market. And because of the aptitude of our dedicated professionals we have an unbeaten record when it comes to executive recruiting for CEO and General Managers in the consultation industry.

We are able to maintain are constant flow of specialist workers in this industry due to the fact that our agents and recruiters nationwide have also been a part of the consultation industry. This gives them the perfect understanding of how to approach a potential client, what to ask of him and negotiate his requirements. Our screening process is thorough and we leave no room for error in judgment.

A Big Network

Reaction Search International has a wide network of agents spread over all parts of the US, bringing in day to day reports of the job markets and the changing trends of both domestic and global industry. Our industry insiders can help you to hone-in on consultation personnel that no other recruitment firm has access to.

We can tap into the invisible market for employees, which means even those who haven’t posted for a job or don’t have LinkedIn accounts, we have the intelligence to approach them and begin our process.

Contact our Louisville Consulting Executive Search Team to learn how we can assist your company.

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