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RSI has become the premier provider for professional computer software recruits in the US. Our network of diligent agents has been steadily increasing helping us to provide you with unparalleled human resource solutions from around the world. Our computer software executive recruitment process covers a wide range of industry. We bring what you exactly want and as per your specifications and requirements. Our Louisville Computer Software Executive Search Recruitment team can work with your company in finding the top 1% of candidates in your Industry.

Consisting of a specialized team of talented computer software headhunters, we can hire highly experienced and professional computer software personnel from industry such as advertisings, biotechnology, IT, healthcare, insurance, online marketing and more.

Our Specialties in Louisville

We mainly specialize in core recruitments in this industry. In light of this, mentioned below are our top recruitment placements:

  • Experienced Software Engineer
  • Web Development
  • PhP Developers
  • SEO and SEM Specialists
  • Research Engineers
  • IT Managers
  • Senior Programmers
  • Specialist in Computer Network Operations
  • Computer Programmers
  • Specialists in Software Logistics

High Quality Candidates

At RSI our goal is satisfy your company’s need to excel and boost its operational efficiency and overall productivity. In light of your requirements we strive to bring you the very best from the industry of computer science. We have an efficient process for screening potential candidates who have the necessary skill set, the academic background and the will to the extra mile for your company.

Plus, our agents in the field of computer science excel in recruiting the perfect candidate we have dedicated professionals that come from an IT background. This gives us an edge in boasting a more flexible, decisive and less risky hires for your company.

We have the necessary industry insight and knowledge of untapped human resource markets because of our networking capabilities.


Nationwide Excellence with our Louisville Computer Software Team

RSI has grown to become one of the top most recruitment firms in the US – not only that we have a global network of professional headhunters that can provide you with a list of excellent prospects. There is no doubt about the fact that the computer software industry is experiencing a consistently growing trend thanks to a boom in social media marketing trends and e-commerce. The need for talented software managers and experts is essential to forming a topnotch IT department.

And that is what we are for. If you’re time-strapped for hiring professionals in this field or if you want to create an entirely new IT team from the ground-up, we can provide you with the necessary resources. And that too within the stipulated time-frame.

We specialize in particular IT and computer software careers. And by quickly, but precisely finding out what a potential candidate is looking for and whether or not they have the skills and the academic background to make a career out his professional placement.  This helps us to efficiently conduct a successful hire.

Reduce your Hiring Risk with our Louisville Recruiters

Nothing can more time consuming and frustrating then to invest in someone who does not have the necessary insight and experience you though he had. Wrong hires cost companies a lot of money every year. But that is exactly why we are here; with us you can rest assured that the employee you hire has everything it takes to succeed in your organization.

Contact our Louisville Computer Software Executive Search Firm today to learn about our 25 step process to a successful hire!

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