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RSI is the premier providers of essential human capital for the industry of biotechnology. We have the resources and the talent available to hunt for the best talents in biotechnology and so far have placed numerous experts in various sectors of this prominent industry. With decades of experience under our belt we have partnered with numerous Fortune 100 biotech companies and prestigious firms – providing them with tailored human resource services. Our Louisville Biotechnology Executive Search Firm can assist your corporation with finding only the top tier Biotech candidates that meet your expectations.

We also partner with small scales businesses, start-ups, large and multinational corporations that are forward-thinking and aiming for corporate growth. Our main area of expertise is to target reliable, experienced, academically impeccable candidates. We invest in your searches, bringing you nothing but the best in the industry.

A Far Reaching Network in Louisville

Recruiting professionals in the field of biotechnology is a considerable challenge. Why? Well, that is primarily because many expert candidates and experienced individuals seeking a job do not post their availability on dedicated social networks such as LinkedIn or any other platform. Whereas a fairly good recruiter may know this, it will still considerably lack the resources necessary to search for these unseen candidates and hire them for your company.

However, at RSI we have dedicated professionals working round the clock to hone in on candidates that want an exceptional opportunity, but cannot be reached. We have the networking ability to reach out to such candidates, screen them and hire them for you in a timely manner.

Exceptional Biotech Talent in Louisville

Being nationwide recruiters, RSI has the ability to discover talent and expertise no matter where it is, we specialize in headhunting in the biotech industry, searching for topnotch candidates. And because of the flexibility of services and framework for success we only OK a potential employee if he can easily be placed anywhere in your company, work efficiently from day one and excel in your prestigious establishment.

Talented Agents

Our Louisville Biotechnology Executive Search Recruiters are proud to state that our teams of professional agents have the insight and the knowledge required to hire the perfect candidate. How? Well, unlike other recruiters, we have specialized agents dedicated to every industry.  Similarly, our agents for this industry themselves come from the biotechnology industry. This gives us an unmatched edge in figuring out what candidate will be more suitable for your organization.

At RSI, our agents specialize in a variety of specific biotech careers. And by finding out what career path a potential candidate wants to excel in and become successful – and if he has what it takes to excel in that department – we can quite efficiently determine whether or not he will thrive in your company.

To have an idea of our framework for recruiting, the following are some attributes that we look for in a potential candidate:


We ensure that the candidates we pick have an outstanding academic background. And depending on your requirement we select candidates who have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Biochemistry, Genetics, Computer Science, Physics and all other related field.

Will they Travel

We ensure whether or not a potential candidate will travel abroad to work on your projects.

Insight of the Market Audience

There are numerous companies within in the biotech industry. Employers require their hires to have an insight of specific market trends. At RSI we ensure that potential employees have familiarized themselves with the company they will work for.

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