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Every business in every industry heavily relies on how well their sales representatives and executives. There is no question about the fact that growth starts with sales, the more you are able to sale, the more you can boost your product’s identity and the more you can attract new customers. From emerging businesses to big corporations and Fortune 500 companies, all need a professional and powerful sales department to drive business growth and generate revenue. Our Louisville Sales Executive Search Firm is the leader in finding exceptional Sales candidates for your company.

At RSI, we have the intelligence and the industry insight required to make exceptional sales acquisitions. We understand how important it is for you to have all the right sales professionals to propel your business to the top. And we have become the leading force in sales recruitment in Louisville and in the entire US.

Client Focus, Extended Guarantees and White Glove Service

RSI has been providing sales recruits and candidates to Fortune 500 companies as well as all other forms of businesses for over 10 years. We know all about the movers and shakers in this job market, which is why we know who to look for and what to ask.

It is important to understand that sales professionals are high-reward, but at the same time high-risk personalities, and are the major component that drives business revenue. And that is why you need professionals who can commit to productively perform for you from the get-go.

And we can provide you with the human capital you are exactly looking for in Louisville.

Industry Experts for your Louisville Sales Executive Search

Our sales recruiters and headhunters have the necessary experience to locate and screen talents individuals searching for a lucrative career. And because our agents have real-world experience, which means they come from sales background as well, they know have an excellent idea about who to recommend. We only bring you the best from the best. Unlike other recruiting firms that just hand you a lengthy list of potential candidates, expecting you to determine who is more qualified, we do the job for you, which mean you can expect a list of perfect candidates you won’t hesitate to hire.

Our Specialty

At RSI, our talented group of Louisville sales recruiters specializes in recommending professionals in the following categories:

  • Vice President
  • Manager Sales
  • Operations Manager
  • Sales Executives
  • National Sales Manager
  • Sales and Accounts Supervisor
  • Executive Call Center Sales Professionals
  • Professional Customer Support and Representatives

A majority of businesses through the nation come to us for top of the line sales representative and professionals. And we successfully provide them with the talent they are looking for because we thoroughly understand that it takes more than charm and knowledge to become a top sale’s executive. That is primarily why our focus is on candidates that have a deep-rooted understanding of domestic and international markets, trends and industry developments.

Reaction Search International has managed to accomplish topnotch recruitments, which still remain unmatched by a great number of recruiters in the US. And this is why we have become one of the nation’s biggest sales recruiters.

Contact our Louisville Sales Executive Search Firm to learn about our extended guarantee for each candidate, 25 step process to a successful hire and exceptional dedicated team service.

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