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Amounting to billions of dollars in net worth, the real estate industry is a booming sector of the American economy, which means that there is a lot of cut throat competition. Real estate businesses now have to rely on diligence, brilliant and tech-savvy professionals and property managers and agents to sell and buy commercial and private properties for profit. Our Louisville Real Estate Executive Search Firm can assist your company in finding top tier Real Estate candidates that can bring value and make a difference.

If you want your business cut through competition like butter, you need the manpower and the skills of real professionals who can transcend your expectations. And at Reaction Search International, we have just the solution you have been looking for.

Real Estate Executive Recruiters in Louisville

Operating in the US for more than two decades, we are proud to state that we have amassed a database of insight and knowledge only a few others can hope to match. We have the insight on newer industry trends and what goes on the market on a daily basis. And based on our research, we select the most outstanding individuals from the job markets.

On top of that, our Louisville real estate agents and recruiters have an in depth experience in this industry, which means almost all of them have been a part of this booming sector. This gives them the insight and the perspective to practice truly unique and out of the box recruitment practices. We know what to ask, we know how to evaluate and we know whether or not the candidate can perform from day one.

Our screening process is efficient our focus always lies on saving your time. After all you have a business to run and you need talent as soon as possible. And that is what we are for, to provide you on-time recruitment candidates that display unprecedented skill and knowledge of real estate industry.

A Global Enterprise

Experience and high quality service provision is what has allowed us to become one to biggest human capital providers in the US. And because of that we have been able to gather the diligence and the resources to bring you talent from across the seas. We have a global department of efficient real-estate agents who can bring you candidates who have skills that nobody else has.

Our Specialty

Specializing in the real estate industry, our team of dedicated Louisville executive searchers and headhunter excel in locating exceptional candidates in the following placements:

  • Executive Agents
  • Specialist Brokers
  • Mortgage (Lenders and Brokers)
  • Appraisers
  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Accountants

No Hiring Risks

Businesses annually lose millions of dollars worth of revenue because of bad hires and zero-productivity. They end up firing and hiring individuals, which additionally costs them a lot of time and resources. With us partnering with you, you will never have to worry about wasting time to go through scores of candidates. We provide you with a narrowed-down list of unique talent acquisitions proving themselves from the very first day they start their job.

Apart from providing you with flexible recruitment solutions, we can also help you strategize your human resource department and analyze your hiring structure.

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