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Advertising, it can be one of the toughest skills to find in Wichita, Kansas. However, the experts at Reaction Search International (RSI) are the industry leaders in providing top level advertising professionals to companies just like yours. With our executive recruiting services you will no longer need to filter through thousands of creative concepts and resumes without finding the right fit. Instead, let our team of highly skilled Wichita Advertising Executive Search recruiters find your next all-star advertiser that will promote your company with the exact skills and work ethic you have been looking for.

When looking for an advertising candidate, it can be hard to find the right person and that is where RSI becomes an asset to your hiring. Not only will we only provide candidates that are comfortable with the skills you are looking for, our candidates are some of the most skilled professionals in Wichita. No matter if it is social media advertising, print based or web based, our field of high skilled professionals will fill the need in your company.

There are a few key areas that allow RSI to separate ourselves from competitors. First and foremost, we utilize communication between your company and our recruiters to better understand your corporate culture and to make sure our candidate will fit in with your company. Secondly, our recruiters will handle all background checks, resume checks and we will contact references to make sure they are the right fit. Finally, we will work with your human resources team to make sure our candidate continues to fit into the workplace post hiring.

Here at RSI we like to keep to a clear and concise methodology when recruiting for firms ranging from a ma and pa business to multinational corporations. This step by step process allows our clients to know exactly where we are in the process, and for a transparent recruiting method to be established. The next great Kansas advertiser could be on your doorstep, and you are only a click away from meeting the next mad men ‘esque shark of the advertising world.

With RSI you will be able to access some of the best in Wichita when it comes to amazing advertisers. Below you will find a snippet of some of the great departments we could hire for:

Strategy department

Administrative Department

Account Department

Media Department

Creative Department

Production Department

When you are looking for an amazing advertising professional to come into your workplace and become a true asset to the team look for RSI to provide you with said candidates. No matter if you are a Fortune 500 company or a little smaller, our team of skilled recruiters will free up hours of time, and thousands of dollars with our top rated recruiting program.

Here at RSI we enjoy the word opportunity, it is what we provide our clients, the opportunity to find their desired candidates, and our candidates to find a company worth working for.

Contact our Wichita Advertising Executive Search Firm today to learn about our process and how we can assist your company.

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