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Here in Kansas, one of the keys to success for any company is their ability to bring in the best consulting talent in the area. At Reaction Search International (RSI), our Wichita Consulting Executive Search Firm is proud to be the industry leader in providing some of the state’s largest companies with top end talent to fill their departments. Consultants bring a breath of fresh air and a new set of eyes for some of the largest projects your company will work on. Thus, a quality consulting professional can make the difference between success and failure. With this important decision, only trust the experts at RSI to provide the top consulting client right here in Wichita.

You may be asking yourself, I have used recruiting processes before with mixed results, what differentiates RSI from the other guys. It is simple, our hiring methodology. Here at RSI we are proud to have worked over the last decade to develop and perfect our seamless methodology that our recruiters use with every single contract. This methodology is based on two key factors; conciseness and transparency. We know that the recruiting process can take an extended amount of time, but here at RSI we pride ourselves in our quick turnaround times and quality communication. As well, our transparent methods ensure that every one of our hires is ethical in every way possible. At RSI you will enjoy the top end consulting professionals in Kansas all at your doorstep.

Only with our Wichita Consulting Executive Team will you experience our award winning step by step process that has taken the greater part of a decade to perfect. We utilize this process to ensure our recruiting teams are consistent, and of course it is the key to our success. We will first sit down with your Human Resources department or hiring manager to better understand your company. We go through everything from corporate culture to the skills that you are looking for in the position to best match our candidates to the spot. Next, our recruiters will sort through thousands of resumes, perform background checks and call their references. This is to ensure that the risk of a hire is mitigated, and establishing our candidates as the top people for the positon. Finally, after we present our candidates, our recruiting team will continue to be in contact to make sure our candidate is still a great fit. We want to create a great workplace for both the candidate and your company, and with our candidates this is almost always guaranteed.

Here at RSI we have filled a number of great consulting positions across the board, you will find some of the great sectors our consulting candidates have worked in:

Defence and Security

Information Technology Management




Public Safety



Human Resources

With  RSI will you enjoy the best consulting candidates in Wichita. With our years of experience and proven results, when you choose RSI you are choosing a difference maker in your hiring practices. Call or click today and see what the difference quality recruiting can make with your company.

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