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Here in Kansas, one of the largest employers are the various levels of government services, and rightfully so. We are the proud Jayhawk state, but our people generally are some of the hardest workers in the Midwest. We here at Reaction Search International (RSI) appreciate our government services workers, and have worked extremely hard to produce some of the top hiring’s in this sector right here in Wichita. No matter the position, department, or level of government the experts at RSI have hired someone beside you. Now is the time to invest in the opportunities that our RSI Wichita Government Executive Search Firm can provide the government sector, with out amazing success rate, and years of experience you will quickly find out why the best go with RSI.

The government services sector can be one of the more difficult to get into for the average citizen. That is why we here at RSI are all about opportunity. We provide our employees with the opportunity to join the public sector, and secure their dream job with a pension with ease. For our government partners we provide some of the best candidates that Wichita has to offer. No matter the position, the team at RSI will be able to find a suitable candidate.

Providing Outstanding Service in the Wichita Government Search

Some people have asked us how we do it, how do we bring in some of the brightest minds to our clientele. The answer is simple, we work hard and follow a streamlined step by step process with each one of our hires. We first start with a meeting, preferably face to face, with our employer. We review what they are looking for in regards to credentials, skills and most importantly the type or corporate culture they are wanting to produce at the location. Once this is established we then go back to our pool of candidates and hand p0ick the resumes that we deem fitting with the culture and skills that the positions ask for. We then individually vet each one of the candidates with a review of the background, criminal record checks and a chat with each of their references. This will allow our employer to mitigate the risk of a bad hire, and protect our talent pool. Finally, we pass the resumes along and follow up as a part of the support team during the hiring process. Our recruiters are available around the clock for any questions or concerns that may arise during the process. When you choose RSI you are choosing a company that puts you first, simple as that.

Reduce Your Hiring Risk

With RSI you will be in amazing hands, and we cannot wait to start working with you and your company. As the leaders in providing government services sector positions, RSI continues to stand out as the premier name in recruiting in this tough industry. Next time you are hiring in Wichita, reach out to the premier executive experts at RSI.

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