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Banking, it is a huge business, and here in Wichita, Kansas it is one of the leading employers in our region. The experts at Reaction Search International (RSI) are the proven leaders in the banking industry and continue to supply some of the largest banking chains in the world with their expert staff. No longer will your hiring manager need to sort through thousands of useless resumes, let the expert recruiters take care of the grunt work and supply your bank with only qualified individuals from right here in Kansas. With our Wichita Banking Executive Search Firm on your side, your banking professionals will be the top ranked in the area within months.

The difference maker here at RSI is our commitment to the details. Our firm has created an award winning step by step process that ensures that each one of our hires is transparent and clear. Our process includes, sitting down with your hiring manager to better know the skills that you are looking for, as well as the corporate culture that you have at your banking location. We want to find more than a candidate; we want to find someone who is going to fit your company for their career. As well, we work with the hiring manager and are available to answer any questions that may arise during the hiring process to ensure a smooth transition. Here at RSI you are more than a client, you are part of our corporate family.

With RSI you will get the proven leaders in banking recruitment, and with that comes the top candidates in the Wichita area. Our recruiters are able to scan the thousands of resumes, look over the skills, call their references and even background check. With that much of security blanket you will know that you are gaining a valuable employee. Further to this, our recruiters will sit down with your company and discuss your corporate values and skill sets you want to see from the perfect candidate. Leave it to the expert recruiters at RSI to deliver that aforementioned perfect banking candidate to your doorstep in Wichita!

In the banking industry, we here at RSI have filled positions like the following:

Vice President Financial

Chief Financial Officer

Accounting Professional

Financial Sales Representative

Mortgage Broker

Chief Lending Officer

Opportunity, it is what is waiting for you on the other side, and we here at RSI are willing to bring that opportunity to your door. For employers we provide top notch services that will bring the type of candidates you could only dream of to your doorstep. For employees, we provide the best opportunity to be seen by the top banks, and get you hired. This is the RSI difference, the quality of your candidates is second to none, and the recruiters are open and transparent. When you choose RSI, you are choosing the best qualified, and top rated recruiters in Wichita. Call or click today, and see what the difference quality recruiting can make in your business right here in Kansas.




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