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Wichita Journalism and Publishing Executive Recruitment

With the Journalism and Publishing industry being so diverse, it is not always easy to replace somebody that has learned all the ins and outs of your company, but if you run into this problem, it is good to know that you can count on the Wichita Journalism and Publishing Executive Search specialists at Reaction Search International to help you find that perfect person for the position you have vacant.

It doesn’t matter whether you need one person or 10, because we have such an extensive database of qualified individuals, we can take the worry out of filling the gap in your company when you run short of people. At RSI we pride ourselves on attracting only the best and brightest individuals that are ready to start producing as soon as they are placed in a company, and with their knowledge and experience, combined with a winning attitude, you can be sure they will be a welcomed addition to your team of professionals. As our name states, we are an International Recruiting Agency, and this means that in the unlikely event that we don’t have someone in your area that is qualified for the position you have available, we can access our database and search outside the area. We have branches clear across the globe, and this allows our recruiters in Wichita to search a much larger network in order to find the perfect addition to your firm.

RSI Wichita Journalism and Publishing Recruitment Specialists

Precision recruitment for all job vacancies of your Wichita Journalism & Publishing business which includes…


  • News Journalist
  • Photographer
  • Editor and Copyeditor
  • Writer and Copywriter
  • Publisher
  • Graphic Designer/ Book Designer
  • Agent
  • Literary Scout
  • Technical Support Personnel


Nationwide Journalism and Publishing Executive Search Capabilities in Wichita

It is only because we have the best staffing professionals ourselves that we are able to spot the best people out there in their chosen fields. Our people are well trained in the industries they recruit for, and it is because of their knowledge and experience, that you can be sure they know what they are talking about. When you deal with our professionals you will find it refreshing to not have to explain every little detail of what a job in Journalism and Publishing entails for example. This experience enables them to find the right fit for any vacancy you may have in this particular industry. Our Nationwide Journalism and Publishing Executive Search Capabilities in Wichita has earned our recruiters a great reputation for finding the best people in this industry that are the best match for the companies they are sent to.

Our recruiters can help you find executive personal right on down to the shipper receiver, and with the Journalism and Publishing industry changing so much with all the new technology, it is vital the people you hire have most of the training they need to start producing right away. Not only do the people we send out have the proper training and experience, and our Headhunters in Wichita also make sure they have the drive and commitment to make a difference in the companies we send them to.

Taking the Guesswork out of Journalism and Publishing Recruitment

Nowadays more and more companies are turning to Recruitment Agencies to fill the jobs that become available from time to time. It takes time and costs money to interview countless people in order to find the perfect fit for your company, and even then you can’t always be sure if they are being totally truthful about their training and experience. We have an in-depth screening process and totally vet each individual before they are sent to any company. Taking the guesswork out of Journalism & Publishing recruitment for Wichita is what we do, and we are the best at it.

As a leading Executive Search Firm we use all of the newest technology we have at our disposal, such as being able to tap into nationwide networks to find the best person for your company.

We have countless success stories about individuals we have dealt with in the past and how they have exceeded all expectations in the companies where they were relocated. When you deal with us you can expect the same results with anyone we refer to you and your company. Let RSI take care of your staffing needs in Wichita when you want only the very best for the success of your business. You can contact us at 800-832-8268, or fill in our job filling request form.


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