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Reaction Search International is a premier Executive Search firm serving the recruitment and placement needs of Kansas and the United States through our partner network. Our Executive Search consultants have years of experience in the Pharmaceuticals industry. Our competitive edge is our customer-service focus and a proven track record of success. The majority of our business comes from existing relationships. Employees are often with an organization for years – it pays to get good people the first time. Our Wichita Pharmaceuticals Executive Search Firm reach out to only the top tier candidates in the Pharma industry. Our dedicated recruiters, 25 step process and extended guarantee make it a win win for everyone involved in the search process.


Recruitment and Executive Searches are our specialty. Let our team of recruitment and placement professionals help your organization succeed with the best people in the right positions.  Our unique approach includes matching skills to jobs as well as finding a perfect fit for your unique corporate culture and the existing dynamics of your team.  Asking the right questions at the interview stage will set both you and your candidate up for success – let our experience work for you to find the best Pharmaceuticals industry executives or clinical staff that we can.


When only the best will do for your Pharmaceutical company

Your needs in the Pharmaceutical industry are as diverse as the products you create. You might need a new Board member with the right experience to advise you on a potential merger. You may require a new CEO, CBO, CMO, or CFO. Perhaps your new product development team requires Clinical Researchers or Chemistry professionals. Project Management issues? Information Technology problems? Reaction Search International is the Executive Search firm you need to find the best candidates for your open positions.


Whether you are a small startup in Wichita or a large corporation with employees across Kansas and the whole country, Reaction Search International has the team and experience you need to get the job done. Recruitment and Executive Search can make or break your operation’s success. Why not rely on the firm with a proven track record and the best tools available to find the candidates you need for your Pharmaceutical company to succeed in Kansas and beyond.


You might have a great team already – you only need another piece to complete it.. Missing that driven, outgoing personality to drive your sales force towards their goals? Need a regulatory specialist to tap into a lucrative new market? Pathology and toxicology experts required? Got a product ready but cannot get manufacturing going? Reaction Search International has all the professionals and technicians you need in order to get positions filled and the work done.


Quality Assurance, Marketing, Project Management, Drug Discovery – every part of your business requires unique skill sets. Reaction Search International will find the best candidates with the skills you need to fill your vacancies and bring the best potential employees and executives to the front of your search.  Don’t struggle by yourself to find qualified candidates – tap into the proven record of Reaction Search International and our success with Executive Searches in the Pharmaceutical industry.


A Strong Pharmaceutical Network

From Wichita to the Kansas border and beyond, Reaction Search International has strong ties to the Pharmaceuticals sector.  Let our network of partners and our collective experience work for you.  If you find yourself struggling to interview quality candidates or you simply do not have the time to do a proper search on your own time, tap into the success of Executive Search and the recruiting power of Reaction Search International.

Contact our Wichita Pharmaceutical Executive Search team to learn about our 25 step process and how we can work with you to find your next top tier candidate!

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