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When you are looking for the top ranked Board and CEO services here in Wichita, the only choice is Reaction Search International (RSI). When you choose our award winning services, you will quickly come to understand why we are known as the top recruiting company located right here in Kansas. With our team you will be in the best position to fill your top end executives with confidence and ease. Call today and see why RSI is the leader in Wichita, Kansas in providing top of the line board and ceo services. Our Wichita Board and CEO Services Executive Search Team is the leader in finding the top 1% of exceptional candidates.

You may be asking, I have used recruiting services before, what makes RSI different. Here at RSI you are more than a number, you are a part of our corporate family. When using RSI you will experience our first class recruiting methodology. This methodology has been tried and tested, and concerns RSI’s commitment to transparent and concise hiring methods. When we put forward a candidate, we know that they have been vetted, and are the best fit for your company. Here in Wichita, the only option for board and ceo services are the certified experts at RSI.

When you choose RSI you are getting the top rated recruiting services that are located right here in Wichita. Our recruiters follow the step by step process that has been developed over the last decade to better match our candidates with our clients. The first step is sitting down with your hiring manager, or human resources to better understand the corporate culture and the skills that you are wanting. Secondly, our recruiter will sift through our candidate’s resumes, perform background checks, and make calls to references. We will then put forward our top candidates for the position and follow up throughout the hiring process. All of our recruiters will make themselves available for meetings or calls during the process, and will check up before the probationary period is over.

We here at RSI are the leaders in providing our clients, both employees and employers, with opportunity. Opportunity is our companies buzz word, and for good reason. At RSI we provide the opportunity for employees to get paired with the top businesses in Wichita and to gain the position they have been dreaming of for years. For employers, we provide the top level board and ceo candidates from across Kansas right to your door step.

Here at RSI, we pride ourselves in our ability to fill some of the most difficult positions within a company.  We have filled a number of board and ceo service positons such as:

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Board Member

Executive Board Member

Vice President Financial

Vice President Operations

Chairman of the board

Call or click today and experience the top rated recruiting firm right here in Wichita, Kansas at RSI. With our experiences and skills, you will be provided with the top board and ceo services from right here in the Midwest. See the difference quality makes, and make your next choice RSI for your executive recruiting.


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