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Having a good ability to talk yourself out of a locked room is a fantastic skill in any walk of life, but when in Wichita, Kansas and looking to sell a property, it can be the difference between a deal or a negotiation This is why the experts at Reaction Search International (RSI) are the industry leaders in providing top level associates to companies just like yours. Some executive recruiting services filter through thousands of resumes without finding the right fit. Instead, let our Wichita Real Estate Executive Search Firm of highly skilled recruiters find the rose amongst the thorns in order to find the right candidate that will have the skills, desire, drive and work ethic you expect.


When looking for a real estate associate, it can be hard to find the person with the right abilities and approach in order to succeed and that is where RSI becomes an asset to your hiring. Not only will we only provide the very best candidates that effortlessly exemplify the skills you are looking for, our candidates are some of the most skilled professionals in Wichita, who are eager to showcase their talents.


There are a few key areas that allow RSI to separate ourselves from competitors. First and foremost, we utilize communication between your company and our recruiters to better understand your corporate culture and to make sure our candidate will fit in with your company. Secondly, our recruiters handle all background checks, resume checks and we will contact references to make sure they are the right fit. Finally, we will work with your human resources team to make sure our candidate continues to fit into the workplace post hiring to ensure our high standards, and yours are being constantly met.


With every RSI hiring, our team of recruiters follows our step by step process to ensure fair and ethical candidates are chosen. We first sit down with your hiring manager and discuss what skills your are searching for as well as the corporate culture they wish to achieve in that location. With that in mind we go to our pool of candidates and select those who match the skill and mind set of the company. We then go through their resume, background checks and finally check their references. Once this is completed we then pass on the names of those candidates that are deemed to fit and will follow up once hiring decisions are made. Here at RSI you will have support from the start of the process until the probationary period has past, what other company can state that here in Kansas?

When you are looking for the next dedicated professional to come into your workplace and become a true asset to your team look for RSI to provide you with our best candidates, our team of skilled recruiters will free up hours of time, and thousands of dollars with our top rated recruiting program which will allow you get back to doing what makes you great.

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